Po.in.tex - Polo di Innovazione Tessile, è un’associazione di imprese, con sede a Biella, che promuove la competitività industriale e l’innovazione.



The Textile Innovation Cluster has been created to meet the needs of companies on innovation, information and specialized training programs as requested by the territory and the entire regional industrial and manufacturing profile.

This website provides a detailed description of the activities carried out by the Cluster: from networking to research, from education to auditing business needs, from funding to success stories up to European projects developed in collaboration with various companies.

At the basis of these actions and the synergies established over the years, the Cluster operates in accordance with its mission: to confirm itself as an effective organizer between demand and supply of innovation, understanding the actual business needs and involving all the textile stakeholders, thus creating benefits for the members and the entire territory.

This, due to some relevant points:
  • It is often difficult for companies to operate their own research & development activities, to applicate the latest technologies and to manage the continuous innovation processes, especially in a competitive market such as the textile industry. In this regard, the Cluster’s role is a strategic one: integrating innovation and constantly stimulating business growth.
  • Similarly, access to foreign markets or demand for European funding is often extremely complicated for the solo company who needs support and assistance in operating in these unfamiliar sectors and activities.

The Cluster faces the above-mentioned tasks by:
  • Getting to know the companies and their strategic needs;
  • Studying their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the business models applied;
  • Encouraging knowledge and collaboration between individual companies and research centers;
  • Highlighting initiatives and new requests to submit to policymakers.
Besides the answers to these fundamental and basic needs, our actions are taken according to several important programmatic objectives.

  1. Increase value to boost competitiveness. Key priorities, such as embedding ICT technologies in products, the so-called "smart textiles" and the creation of advanced functionalities in textile products. Efforts are made to reduce the carbon footprint of products to reduce the environmental impact of their production, along with a stronger process efficiency, including the recycling of fibers and water used during production.

  2. Diversify applications and markets. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions and applications and the goal is to promote the evolution of textile products, from the tradition apparel or furnishing to a real structural element. We also encourage in reconsidering the production process of final products, by promoting applications enabling positive outcomes from upstream and downstream sectors. If necessary, the needs & gap analysis of the reference sector is also performed.

  3. Increase the abilities to develop innovation. The Cluster is particularly active in promoting best practices at an international level, as well as end-user research and in establishing partnerships. The Cluster encourages and supports access to Regional and European Calls for product and process innovation projects and also supports innovation through educational programs, always in line with the technological development and the company’s needs.

    Furthermore, the Cluster assists companies in accurately defining new projects while focusing on cooperative actions and facilitating technological transfer. The Cluster also monitors the projects underway, maximizes their results up to the highest TRL stages (Technology Readiness Level) and collaborates with research centers to focus on the industry's most immediate priorities. Then again, it supports companies in search for expertise and specialized assets, otherwise difficult to find.

  4. Internationalize. The Cluster, as shown in the following link (http://www.pointex.eu/progetti-europei), is a partner of various international projects, relying on a wide range of contacts that will help to meet potential transnational partners, creating synergies and collaborations. A particular attention is given to technological transfer and innovation opportunities, as well as to the development of innovative applications also in international value chains.
  5. Increase the Cluster’s visibility. In addition to the search for new members and to the reception of their feedback, the Cluster operates in Italy and abroad, to create new contacts and synergies among with clusters. A special attention is devoted to publicizing the activities carried out in accordance with our marketing and branding approach.

Medium-long term priorities

INCREASE VALUE to boost competitiveness

  DIVERSIFY applications and markets

  INCREASE THE ABILITIES to develop innovation