Po.in.tex - Polo di Innovazione Tessile, è un’associazione di imprese, con sede a Biella, che promuove la competitività industriale e l’innovazione.


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From 2010 to 2015, through the Cluster, 8 million Euro of funds were granted to our members. We are still waiting the results for the POR/FESR 2016 and 2017 Calls, A and B Lines: in 2016, the members submitted project proposals for over 7 million Euro.


We consolidate the companies’ funding requests: thanks to the expertise and to the dedicated work of the Cluster’s staff, our members are guaranteed an excellent quality of project proposals. We have experience and a well-established working method that proved to be effective over the years (in the last Regional Call for funding, our Cluster scored the highest success rate).


Technology Transfer: we believe in open innovation by fostering collaboration agreements with major research organizations and stimulating exchange with technology developers through various brokerage actions, including our Innovation Days.


Unity is strength: being the first Textile Cluster in the country and thanks to the prestige and number of our members, we operate at various levels to facilitate innovation in the textile & clothing industry and to promote our members’ requests (Regional and Ministerial round tables, European platforms, European Commission, etc.).


The Cluster is at the service of its members: always available to visit each and every member in order to have an update on their needs, interests, issues, etc. We guarantee a prompt, personal and well-calculated response to the demands made by our members, by keeping in mind their shortened time-to-market.

Textile expertise

The Cluster offers expertise: we have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of textiles and of the textile world in general. We constantly help members who, due to lack of time and qualified personnel or for other reasons, require further analysis or assistance on partnerships, projects, etc.


The Cluster offers contacts: besides its present and future members, the Cluster met and meets every day new companies and research centers belonging to the textile supply chain, both in Italy and abroad. We assist our members, in a confidential manner, to search for a specific contact for any professional or operational purpose.


Information, networking & project brokerage: we keep our members well updated on the upcoming publications of regional, national and European Calls. We help them find new partners for their project proposals, we analyze the Calls and proposals with potential participants, we provide support in the critical phases of defining the project idea and setting up the project partnership.


Tutoring & Coaching: we supervise the project definition, submission and management.


Privileged access to Città Studi’s educational programs for companies who join the Textile Cluster.

Exclusive access

Exclusive access to “members-only” events, such as workshops and Textile Innovation Days.


Access to our network of contacts and collaborations: about 900 companies and research centers in Europe and around the world. We are among the founding members of Textile2020, the largest textile network in the world and we are part of the European textile platform. Moreover, we are members of the European Technology Platform and a regional reference point for the Calls MANUNET and INCOMERA.


Promoting and enhancing the members’ communication, through various channels.

Company visits

We are available at all times for companies who need us to visit them directly at their premises in order to fully understand their business and their operational environment, as well as to visit the companies on request, to discuss project proposals and ongoing projects.

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