Po.in.tex - Polo di Innovazione Tessile, è un’associazione di imprese, con sede a Biella, che promuove la competitività industriale e l’innovazione.


Network and 


In the Italian textile and industrial panorama, the Textile Innovation Cluster is proud to have established solid synergies with the most important group associations of the sector. First and foremost, the Cluster is an operative partner of the new Italian Textile/Clothing Technology Platform (PTI-TA), created and launched in 2015 by Sistema Moda Italia (SMI) and TexClubTec, that is, the Association of Technical and Innovative Textiles, in order to promote the development and dissemination of research & innovation projects in the national productive sector. Our Cluster is a founding member and is part of the Technical Committee, acting as the official reference for the entire Piemonte Region. In particular, the Cluster contributes to the creation of the “newborn” Platform's research agenda, providing expertise while contributing to a careful analysis of the company's needs.
In addition, further networking and collaboration activities of the Textile Innovation Cluster concern other regional and Italian research partners, such as universities (Politecnico di Torino, Università di Torino, Università del Piemonte Orientale) and other regional Clusters, on various topics: sensors, electronics, bio-fibers, sustainable building, information technology, textile auxiliaries, composites and agro-textile.

These collaborations have led to various projects:

  • RFIDTEX, VERVE and WA (with ICT),
  • PFM (with IBIS),
  • VALENTEX with Renewable Energy Cluster.

The Textile Innovation Cluster is also active in the Innovation-to-market sector with the Regional  Clusters MESAP, ICT, AGROALIMENTARE and INNOMAT, and collaborates with the National Research Council CNR-ISMAC of Biella and with the Italian Institute of Technology.

On the corporate side, the Cluster is very proud of the collaborations and activities established in partnership with Thales-Alenia Space, Azimut Benetti, Fincantieri, STMicroelectronics, as well as with the FIAT Research Center.



The Textile Innovation Cluster was awarded with the prestigious Bronze Label of Cluster Excellence by ESCA in 2014 and is the only Italian member of the cluster network Textile2020, funded by the European Commission’s World Class Clusters Announcement: a major project of remarkable interest, composed by 8 European clusters and by 900 members, mostly research centers and companies. POINTEX participates as a founding member since 2012, with the aim of creating synergies and collaborations across Europe. It is the largest textile network in the world, able to offer excellent operational and business outcomes to our Cluster’s members. Due to our participation to this huge innovative partnership, seven applications were submitted for European funding, of which two already funded and two are being evaluated.

The Cluster also takes part in EURATEX (the European Textile Platform) activities, like Brokerage / TEPPIES, Technology Marketplace etc., also supporting textile-related lobbying activities in Europe and promoting innovation. Moreover, our Cluster acts in the role of technical expert in the Flagship Projects committees.

We are members of the European Technology Platform (ETP) for the future of Textile & Clothing and we participate as experts to the technical activities of the Textile Flagships for Europe, as well as to the Technology Marketplace.

Finally, POINTEX is the regional point of reference for the INCOMERA and MANUNET Calls, as well as a partner of the prestigious European projects MIDWOR-LIFE, FLAREX-LIFE and EU-TEXTILE2030 and a guest of important international events and trade shows, such as ITMA and TECHTEXTIL.

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