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Small enterprise

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Corso Raffaello 11 – 10125 Torino (TO)

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e-mail: info@atelier-riforma.it

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/atelier-riforma/



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Clothing, trade

Company profile

Atelier Riforma is an innovative startup with a social vocation, founded in Torino in 2020. The mission of the startup is to reduce the negative environmental and social impact of the fashion industry by facilitating its transition to a more circular model. After considerable experience in the field of tailoring collection and transformation of garments at the end of life, the startup has dedicated the last few years to the development and patenting of an innovative technology, Re4Circular. It is a technological service aimed at helping agencies with clothing collections and fashion brands with unsold inventories manage them in a transparent and circular way. Re4Circular is composed of an AI-based garment classification and digitization technology and a B2B marketplace platform that brings together demand and supply. Re4Circular is perfect for use even at the heart of the textile hub and in the context of consortia for the EPR scheme on textiles, since it helps to direct each garment at the end of life towards the most suitable circular recovery mode (reuse, recycling, upcycling, etc.) for its characteristics and conditions, as well as to monitor flows and transmit data throughout the supply chain.