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The work of Po.in.tex is strongly customer oriented towards companies in the textile sector. Alongside the activities such as networking, research and innovation, funding, training and international partnership, the Cluster turns a deep focus on the needs of companies, always ensuring the utmost confidentiality without any disclosure not expressly requested and agreed with the companies.

More specifically, the Cluster follows some step to get to know details about the companies, paying attention to each type of company (micro, small, medium and big entreprises):

  • analysis of their distinctive characteristics
  • analysis of the related business models;
  • analysis of their abilities and strengths, gaps and shortcomings.

Once those factors are identified, the followed step is to define the overall needs of the companies, with frequent attention to the needs stressed by the counterparty, and at the same time to their precious feedback on the actions of the Cluster. The analysis is addressed to textile sector in the broadest sense of the term, including a wide range of end-use sectors: from the most classic, such as clothing, sport and transport, to medical and geotextile, to furniture. Moreover, there is a focus on product and process objectives, with the aim to have an accurate mapping of characteristics of competitiveness and weakness of companies.

This operation method, which has been consolidated and constantly improved, has given rise to an in-depth investigation, based on a specific survey and concerning the innovation needs of Italian textile and mechano-textile companies. The survey is constantly updated by the staff of the Cluster, through visits to the companies or during the most important events in the textile sector, such as fairs or conferences.

To participate in the study and get a targeted assistance on the real needs of your company, it is possible participate in two important surveys:

  • survey on innovation needs of enterprises
  • survey on training needs of enterprises

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