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Audit for identifying the company’s needs

At the basis of all the activities carried out since the very beginning, the Textile Innovation Cluster is strongly customer oriented towards all of the companies within the textile industry. Besides its various activities – networking, research & innovation, funding, education and international partnerships – the Cluster is known for the special attention given in identifying the company’s real needs. At the same time, aware of the delicate and confidential nature of the information collected during this phase of the audit, the Cluster has always guaranteed the utmost discretion and does not release any information, if not expressly requested and agreed by the company.

The Cluster’s approach in identifying the company’s needs is a multi-level one, addressed towards every type of company (micro, small, medium and large enterprises) with an in-depth analysis of the following:

  • distinctive features of the company;
  • business models applied;
  • askills, strengths, weaknesses and gaps.

By examining these factors, with a constant attention, the overall needs of the companies are outlined not only by the needs as described by our interlocutors, but also by their valuable feedback on the actions taken by the Cluster. The analysis carried out is intended for the textile and textile machinery and also towards the production of fibers and related chemical products, thus including a wide range of final application sectors, from the most traditional such as apparel, sports and transportation, to medical and geotextile, up to furnishing. Moreover, attention is given to product and process development objectives with an accurate assessment of the company’s competitiveness and weakness; this assessment naturally includes the technological aspects of interest, as well as the difficulties holding back growth and innovation.

This operational method, now consolidated and constantly improved, has already defined a detailed survey based on a specially created questionnaire concerning the innovation needs of Italian textile and textile machinery companies. The same survey is constantly expanded by the Cluster’s staff through individual company visits or during the most important events in the textile sector, such as trade shows and conferences.

To participate in the study and receive assistance on the real company’s needs, you can take part to two important studies by contacting the staff of the Cluster:

  • Questionnaire on business innovation needs of the companies

A survey aimed at identifying your needs in terms of innovation and possible obstacles to innovation;

  • Questionnaire on education needs of the companies

Thanks to the experience and know-how of Città Studi, it is possible to create tailor-made educational projects for companies and their operational needs, based on the ongoing technological challenge and on the need for new practical and managerial skills.

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