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Po.in.tex represents a good lever of exchange between offer and demand for innovation. It is able to start with the real needs of the companies, and involve any kind of textile stakeholder with beneficial effects on its members and on the entire territory.

Po.in.tex analyses the strategic needs of the companies, studies their strengths and gaps, as well as the business models they adopt. It promotes meeting points and collaborations between companies and research hubs, and it highlights possible initiatives and new proposals to be made to the policy-makers.

Po.in.tex supports companies in the process of internationalisation, and their applications for regional/European funds to innovate products or processes. It also helps companies that operate in even unusual sectors and activities. It proposes to the companies some sector innovations that may be interesting to them, shares best practices at the international level, and gives support in end-user research and the sensitive work of setting up supply chain partnerships.

Po.in.tex tracks the progress of projects and maximises their results up to the highest TRL. It supports companies in their searches for specialized skills and assets that would otherwise be difficult to find.

Po.in.tex is fully aware that its target sector not includes just traditional textile (clothing or furniture), but also technical textiles. For instance, must be considered also structural textiles, smart textiles, the creation of advanced functionalizations in textile products, the lowering of carbon footprint of products, more efficiency in the process, and all what is dealing with circular economy and sustainability.

It also seeks to encourage a redesign of the manufacturing process of the final products, giving priority to methods that can ensure spill-over to the entire supply chain.

It promotes the right support to innovations also throughout training courses adapted to technological development and to the concrete needs of companies.


To sum up, here are some of our activities:

TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER. We support companies to switch from research to business, in cooperation with public and private (Italian and foreign) research centers.

NETWORKING. We connect companies with potential partners/suppliers/customers to improve competitiveness of the supply chain of which they are part.

INTERNATIONALISATION. We support companies in extending their business abroad. We are also members of European platforms and associations.

EU-FUNDED PROJECTS. We participate in European projects for cluster development, to constantly improve the services offered to our members and to make easy the internationalisation of companies.

REGIONAL FUND CALLS. We support the Region in the management of funding calls and the companies in the submissions of projects.


TRAINING COURSES. Through Città Studi, we organise training courses on all levels, specifically for companies.