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Company type

Small entreprise

Address (legal and operational headquarters)

Via Gramsci 3 – 13876 Sandigliano – (BI)

Contact details (phone number, email, LinkedIn)

015 249 33 83



Product / Service

Manufacturing, maintenance, manufacture of fibre preparation machinery and carding


machine building

Company profile

Bonino Carding Machines produces machines for fiber preparation and carding.

It is the ideal supplier for those looking for a customized solution or for those who want to develop cutting-edge technology. The company operates on an area of about 13,000 square meters, within which all the phases of the production cycle from design to production take place: a technical office focusing on the development of new technologies and the development and modernization of existing ones, a production department that uses the latest production technologies, a continuous dialogue with customers and markets to follow the evolution and propose appropriate solutions. Excluding the products available on the market, the company philosophy is to internally produce all the components and provide assembly and mechanical and electrical testing: an approach that allows for better quality control and delivery times and a wide availability of spare parts.


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