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Address (legal and operational headquarters)


Contact details (phone number, email, LinkedIn)

Telefono: 050 803504
Fax: 050 803504
e-mail: info@dinamohub.it

Sales contacr: Alexandros Haristos

R&D contact: Alexandros Haristos

Alexandros Haristos: a.haristos@dinamohub.com
Letizia Gori: l.gori@dinamohub.com



Company profile

Dinamo srl was founded in 2009 by four partners of different ages and experiences. During these years, Dinamo has opened different sections: metal treatments, carbon treatments, development and production of electronic products, and web services. Although today’s organization is small, each silo has specific skills for the development of projects in its own fields of reference. The heterogeneity of the activities allows for integrations in the development projects and a unique vision of the interdependencies between the various disciplines. The goal of Dinamo is to be able to propose, in every field of action, a different and possibly innovative to its customers.


Business profile

Dinamo is a company in strong evolution, and even with volumes still very low, it is a company that can boast year-on-year growth, which is important. 2016 will close with a turnover of around 2 million, compared to 1.1 million in 2015. During the year, two new sections were launched, Carbon and Digital, which in 2017 will begin to concretely contribute to the growth of the business. Today, Dinamo customers range in different sectors: – oil & gas (Total, Pentair, Giegi Group, METAL SECTION) – Automotive (FCA Group, CARBON SECTION) – Racing (Sparco, TECH SECTION) – Elevators (Baglini Ascensori, EP, METAL SECTION) – Financial (Unicredit, DIGITAL SECTION)


Skills and experience


Dynamo’s skills range from electronic design to mechanical design, production, powder metal painting, liquid painting, and sandblasting. Carbon finishing treatments are used in the automotive industry. The creation of advanced web platforms, e-commerce, configurators, and online banking with attention to usability and design. Dinamo has industrial facilities in a building complex owned by some of its members for a total of 30,000 square meters, in which other rental companies also reside. All the activities described above are centered in these spaces.


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