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Medium enterprise

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Via Bisognetta, 10/12, 12024 Castiglione Saluzzo (CN)

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Product / Service

Orthogonal fabrics


Warping, Weaving, Finishing

Company profile

Technofabric was founded in 1978 in Costigliole Saluzzo as a cotton weaving company for the production of articles intended exclusively for the graphic industry. Over the years, it has consolidated its position in this field to become a recognized world leader; at the same time, it has developed ever-increasing expertise in other fields of application, adding value to its products, especially through the finishing activities designed and developed internally. Today, Technofabric is a vertical structure with a production cycle that starts with the yarns and is completed with the finished fabric. Turning an idea into a high-performance fabric is synonymous with success for Technofabric, and it doesn’t matter if you have to use aramid fibers, nylon, high-tenacity polyester, carbon, or just cotton; what matters is the value for our customers.


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