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Suedwolle Group Italia was founded in October 2017 following a process of fusion that began in November 2015 and involved Italian companies Biella Yarn by Südwolle, ERWO Italia (Prato), HF Filati (Schio) and Safil.

The goal of Suedwolle Group Italia is to offer uniqueness of style and quality as well as sustainability within the Group by providing superior guarantees to customers, suppliers, employees and territory. Suedwolle Group Italia is one great team that contains different realities present in the territory of Biella, Prato, and Schio.

In addition to Suedwolle Group Italia, the group through the company GTI founded in 1928 (Gruppo Tessile Industriale S.p.A. http://www.gtispa.it/) produces sophisticated and high-end yarns through the exclusive use of noble fibers.

2020 and the events that have characterized it, have shown us once again how resilience and openness towards change are of fundamental importance to adapt and thrive in the current global context. Even if sometimes they can catch us unprepared, the changes must not destabilize us, but activate in us new resources and energies. It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the smartest, but the species that responds best to change. (Charles Darwin)

The ability to respond promptly and enthusiastically to challenges from outside may not be enough: sometimes change must start from us. Understanding when the time has come to change course, and to act accordingly, is the only way to undo the difference between what we are and what we could become.

At the end of July 2021, Suedwolle Group Italia signed the contract for the sale of the company branch (the dry cleaner) with our partner and historical collaborator Tintoria e Finissaggio Ferraris and all the assets were transferred to their headquarters, located in Str. Trossi, to Benna, Biella. The partnership created between the two companies allows Suedwolle to continue its activity with a view to economic and managerial transformation and to ensure our customers an improvement of services, in terms of quality and delivery. The agreement, operational from 1 August 2021, guarantees maximum continuity from the point of view of processes and best practices, thanks to the excellence of Finissaggio and Tintoria Ferraris and the transfer of highly specialized know-how of our employees. The only joy in the world is to start. It’s good to live because to live is to start, always, at every moment. (C. Pavese)

We are more than confident that the partnership will lead us to new goals in terms of production flexibility, innovation and market positioning.


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