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Medium enterprise

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Strada Trossi 13/15, 13871 Benna (BI)

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Product / Service

textile machinery


Spinning Preparation, Spinning, Machinery Construction

Company profile

NEW COSMATEX is specialized in the production of special machines for the spinning and combing and non-woven, filling the gaps that the market gradually highlights. They designed new electronic loaders, innovative lines of spinning carded with Ecocard brand, conveyors cruisers to 90°, rubbing aprons systems, complete systems for small productions and for laboratories, electronic heads for ring rings, fibre mixing and opening systems, suction systems for cleaning elastic seals, etc. ARIMO is specialized in accessories for carded, combed and finished spinning, in particular elastic and rigid gaskets, gauges, brushes and velvets, armoured belts, tapes for tannery, dosing belts, pulling belts, strips with sliced threads, ribbons with flat threads, hinges and planks.


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