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Small enterprise

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tel. 015-666122
e-mail postmaster@graziano.it



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Linen fabrics, linen-cotton blend, cotton for household linen – embroidery fabrics – jacquard fabrics – technical fabrics – packaged household linen


Weaving and house linen producing/assembling

Company profile

The history of the company F.lli Graziano began in 1841 with the intuition to transform into a business a typical family activity: spin and weaving. Since then, since the purchase of the first four handlooms, the company F.lli Graziano has grown with great passion, thanks to constant updates and a propensity to be attentive to market demands. Equipment and technologies always at the forefront, the guarantee of high-quality products, refined aesthetic research in the processing and attention to detail, a vigilant look at the business horizons, and an impeccable service aimed at the needs of customers build the historical solidity and the current value of the company F.lli Graziano.

F.lli Graziano products are now distributed all over the world, both under their own brand and through international brands that rely on the competence, creativity, and guarantee of quality of this historic company.


The most advanced technology and attention to every detail. Strict controls and attention to detail at all stages of production guarantee the highest quality standards and the certainty of the best results on the market. 46 latest-generation electronic looms from 300 to 1,200 Thread Count guarantee excellent quality in fabric processing, with heights reaching 330 cm in linen, cotton, and wool. The company is specialized in jacquard processing, and the fabrics are made with great care both for sale by the meter and for finished garments. Packaging and finishing are made within the company to meet the most diverse creative and dimensional needs, both for products under the brand F.lli Graziano for customization required by private labels. The world leader in pure linen, pure wool, and cotton linen thread embroidery fabrics, thanks to a battery of air frames with advanced technology, F.lli Graziano is one of the 5 unique manufacturers of technical fabrics (satin) for the stabilization of wool tissues during finishing. Certification Made in Italy.

Flli Graziano is one of the first (or among the top 10) Italian manufacturers of household linen to have received the certification of traceability for all its products to guarantee a production entirely Made in Italy in all stages of processing: from the finishing of yarns to the production of fabrics, to the production of garments.


Exclusive creativity and high-end specialization. The F.lli Graziano collections are created by a creative and production team completely within the company. Complete collections for the world of bed, table, and bathroom are renewed every season with a focus on market demands. Exclusive interpretations of the most current house trends are flanked by the classic processes dedicated to the traditional customer, for products of extreme finesse and quality, from raw materials to processing methods. F.lli Graziano uses only the finest yarns, pure and mixed: the Egyptian “makò” cotton and “pima makò” of the highest quality; the best linen, European from cultivation to processing, guaranteed “Masters of Linen” by the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp; cashmere, used in a blend with cotton, gives rise to precious and soft garments, a symbol of the company’s production excellence.

Among the historical and defining characteristics of F.lli Graziano there is the jacquard processing, with the possibility of infinite variations of design and color variations, for collections rich in charm and the guarantee of exclusive products. A great specialization of F.lli Graziano is the production of refined cotton satin in great height.


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