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Innovation Days

An established appointment and a true reference point for the textile world: the Textile Innovation Days, prestigious events dedicated to all the "insiders" of the sector. Born in 2010, this series of events has been rewarded over the years by a constant success in terms of participation, interest, contributions. More specifically, the Innovation Days are a series of events, the main aim of which is to promote new innovation projects. Usually they are structured as a format of debate and exposure of two and a half/three hours, and they take place at Città Studi or other prestigious locations. They promote the dialogue between the operators of the technical textile sector and the industries, according a unique and well-established way: the meeting between the innovators able to propose new solutions to the textile industry and the demands of the companies themselves, to understand their needs. The main purpose of these events is multiple: in addition to the creation and consolidation of a shared knowledge and situational awareness between "upstream" innovators and "downstream" operators, the Innovation Days outline possible roadmaps and projects, promoting high-level innovation, collaboration and synergy between companies.


December 2011 “New concepts and advanced applications for technical textiles”

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May 2011: “Innovative textile products and processes: from research to industrial application”

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October 2010: “From the PROPLAST research to textiles: materials, products and processes”

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July 2010: “Encourage new ideas and contacts to produce innovation projects”

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June 2010: “Encourage new ideas and contacts to produce innovation projects “

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