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Development of innovative thermoplastic matrix composites applied to the automotive sector.


Development and implementation of materials and technologies for the realization of thermoplastic matrix structural composites, in order to solve the current limitations related to their use in the automotive sector. The project involves both process and product innovation. Particular attention is paid to production processes in order to combine innovative, economically sustainable, and ecologically sustainable methodologies capable of achieving high production volumes.


Improvement of material performance through the use of thermoplastic matrices (also recycled) loaded with nanomaterials; new reinforcement combinations (continuous fiber) matrix (thermoplastic) through the use of a continuous productive process that sees the help of atmospheric plasma technologies to increase the functionality density of the fiber and increase the integration reinforcement-matrix; use of cement mixtures suitable for the additive deposition process (3D printing) and the creation of prototypical molds to validate the forming process with and without thermoplastic composite sheets; analysis and study of a thermoforming plant able to manage in a flexible way the realization of three-dimensional components variously sized.