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The very first type II cotton mask with removable filter, certified “Medical Device CE”

Maglificio Po (Turin) and Tessitura Pertile (Chieri, TO) created the first surgical mask in pure cotton with replaceable SMS filter made by an entirely Italian chain, in collaboration with Ahlstrom Munskjo (Mathi, TO), during the pandemic. The masks are washable, long-lasting, and certified as medical devices (surgical masks type I and II with CE mark and for which a patent has been requested for the originality of the creation). It is a solution that meets four basic needs:

  • the safety of wearing a CE medical device certified as a surgical mask;
  • the health of the wearer, who has no skin in contact with the filter plastic (potentially very allergenic if worn continuously for a long time) but with the cotton that covers it, which is OEKO-TEX certified;
  • environmental sustainability: the removable filter (100% polyester) can be disposed of separately, while the cotton mask has a very long service life;
  • significant economic savings, since the cost of charging filters is much lower than the price of disposable surgical masks.

The mask is elegant, available in six colors, can be printed, and is currently the only medical device certified and marked CE alternative to disposable surgical masks.

It complies with the following standards: UNI EN ISO 14971, UNI EN ISO 14683, UNI EN ISO 10993, UNI EN ISO 15223.

Registration Ministry of Health: BD/RDM 1955886 e 1955920

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