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Automatic system for slub yarns directly out of the spinning machine


Caipo Automazione Industriale srl


Marchi e Fildi SpA


Realization of fancy yarns with colored slubs using cotton or woolen spinning machinery. The innovative technique developed con reduce production costs, as it is not necessary to insert the colored fibers in the previously produced yarns.


With the innovative technique developed within the project it is possible to produce:
– yarns with colored slubs (patch yarns)
– yarns with colored effects and a constant yarn count
– yarns with two-colors of slubs (slub of the base card silver and slub of the effect card sliver)
– slubson a different-colored slub
– mottled yarns (iaspè) in variable percentage ranging from 35% to 65% for the two colors
– any combination of the above types
The new machine works through a patented coaxial blocking command system of the pre-draft shaft thai allows to dose, in on independent and synchronized way, the quantity of fibers drawn from the card silver for the base yarn and from the card silver for the colored effect. The machine uses brushless motors handled by a dedicated electronic device. Through this device, all the parameters of the fancy yarn to be produced con be managed elec­tronically and also saved so that a perfect reproducibility is guaranteed over time.The developed machinery has been patented, developed and placed on the market.

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