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Digital Textile Process Platform


The research project is included within the context of digital business and Industry 4.0, and more precisely, within the “Digital Process”. The objective of the project is the realization of a prototype digital platform oriented toward “Smart Organization” and “Collaborative Engineering”.

The aim is to manage the processes for the production of the yarns and fabric samples (implemented through the development and validation of an innovative “digital business process” software platform). The management of processes will be done in a new way, ensuring a complete integration and harmony of:

  1. Resources
  2. Technologies and Systems
  3. Management methodologies

both internal and external to the Company.


Digitization of the process allows to:

  • perform the respective activities of the actors involved, supporting and guiding them with a workflow management system that will provide them directly and automatically with any data and information they need in the specific context in which they are acting;
  • ensure the proper and efficient execution of activities, compliance with the rules and requirements defined at the design stage (process design);
  • manage in real time any critical or unexpected issues.