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Città Studi (as co-ordinator of Pointex) is partner of the project “TEXTILE2020: The European Cluster for Advanced Textile Materials”. This initiative is supported by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry and financed under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).


The project aims to create a network of European Textile Clusters with the aim to build research and commercial collaborations. By creating a strong critical mass it is easier to work with promising and challenging global markets.
TEXTILE2020 is now the largest textile cluster in the world and brings together 8 clusters representing over 900 companies. It is the first European network of Clusters on advanced technical textiles.


– AEI Textils – Agrupació d’Empreses Innovadores Tèxtils, de la Catalunia (Spagna)
– CLUTEX, della regione di Liberec (Repubblica Ceca)
– INNtex – Innovation Netzwerk Textil, della Sassonia (Germania)
– NWTEXnet, della regione di Manchester (Regno Unito)
 TECHTERA (FR), della regione Rhône-Alpes (Francia)
– FOMENTEX, della regione di Valencia (Spagna)
– Pointex – Città Studi
Il coordinatore è NFID – Nord France Innovation Développement (Francia).


– Contacts with other advanced technical textile cluster from all over the world
– Business opportunities (related to innovation) and access to new markets through actions in countries such as Brazil, Tunisia, Canada, Japan …
– Research, Development and Innovation
- Technology transfer actions through travel and participation in international fairs
– 4 official missions (Tunisia, Japan, Canada, Brazil) successfully concluded
– Joint participation in international fairs

Although the part of the project funded by the European Commission was completed in 2014, contacts with the project partners are still very active, aiming at:
– Support the enterprises in the field of innovation – technology transfer,
– Support businesses through direct contacts arising from specific requests of companies,
– Submit European Projects.

The Textile 2020 project work continued within the new EU-TEXTILE2030 project

For more information or requests of collaboration please contact us:
Tel +39 015 8551148

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