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Boosting the transition of the textile and fashion sectors towards a circular economy by Design and Lean methods and processes.


The TRANSITIONS Project designs and supports innovative education in order to change the production system in the textile and fashion fields. Processes and education methods will be co-designed in the different fields, including context framework, creativity, materials, technologies, sustainability, digitalization, and design management. In its design and development form, the project will be structured so that whoever creates a product is conscious of all its lifecycle and of all the factors involved.

The project is addressed to product, textile, and fashion (both VET and HE) students, designers, textile and fashion entrepreneurs and start-ups, SME professionals that operate in design and management, teachers, and researchers in the textile and fashion fields.

The necessity of closing the gap between design, fashion, and entrepreneurship has been detected, with a special focus on circular processes and sustainability. Therefore, the education-training program will be based on Industry 4.0 and the circular economy. There will be the creation of competences and/or their updating; it will be of fundamental importance to add to the already existing competences, as well as the soft skills and the entrepreneurial ones.

In order to identify the education processes that are more relevant and useful for companies, they will be involved in surveys to map their necessities and to define the profiles of future innovators who will take advantage of the courses developed in the TRANSITIONS project. For this purpose, Transition Labs, modules based on real challenges and the value chain, will be created.


More information on the project on its website (under construction) and on our social media: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Info: polo.tessile@cittastudi.org