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Yanga srl: Protection aids covid-19

Due to Covid-19 emergency, Yanga srl specialized in the production of sanitary textiles since 1974, has designed, produced, and marketed three daily protection aids to safeguard the person.

  • REDIMASK, filter mask in a triple layer of TNT certified polypropylene that is washable and reusable.
  • SILVERSHIELD, comfortable tubular multifunctional neck warmer, made with silver fabric to offer effective bacteriostatic protection. Great for outdoor sports, anti-pollen, suitable for repairing the throat, and covering the nose and mouth.
  • REDITOUCH, universal protective glove, shielding against external agents with convenient and simple opening for the hand. Practical and quick to slip and remove whenever you have to touch objects, handles, shopping carts, or supports on public transport without them coming into contact with the skin. Reditouch is an indispensable aid to preserve hands in everyday situations of contamination: it allows you to avoid direct contact in the elevator, tram, subway, train, bus… Made with comfortable tubular cotton and a microfiber screen on the palm of the hand. Washable and reusable. All products in the COVID line are handmade and 100% Made in Italy.

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