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Valorization of waste from agri-food and textile industries for the production of char.


The biochar project was born as a spin-off of the VALENTEX and VALENTEX2 projects, in which it was evaluated and demonstrated experimentally how it is possible to heat exploit waste from the textile industry instead of putting it in landfills. Despite the large quantities of waste in the territory of Biella (4000 kg/day), in order to make the process economically sustainable, it is necessary to consider another source of raw material that has been identified in waste from the agricultural industry.


The main purpose of the project BIOCHAR is to build a pilot reactor with adequate capacity (10 times larger than the pilot project VALENTEX2), capable of producing syngas and biochar from textile waste and agricultural biomass waste. With a view to the circular economy, the aim is to create a virtuous circle between the textile and agricultural industries: what is waste for one can be transformed into a resource for the other, without forgetting the positive effects on the environment. Finally, it is interesting that the problem of the disposal of textile waste can be extended to several other industrial sectors.

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