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Our made in Italy surgical masks pass the test. Together against COVID19

The pandemic didn’t stop us. The Coronavirus has changed the way we deal with and react to a crisis that none of us ever thought we would face. The urgent need to find a prompt response has led us to invest in research. This was the spirit of the initiative to create a high quality and certified mask to face the Coronavirus emergency.  Canclini1925, Flenghi Divise, and Fraizzoli, in perfect synergy, were able to convert part of their production lines to meet the security needs of the community. We made a surgical mask that obtained approval from the Higher Institute of Health. It was not easy for bureaucratic issues and the need of raw materials. The TNT Meltblown, already scarce before the pandemic, has become inaccessible since the beginning of March. But we don’t usually give up: We struggled to find the best mix of materials to create a medical device that can really protect us.

The mask is composed of three layers: close to the mouth, a stretch cotton blend (with a high filtering power, obtained with a special finishing that makes the mask completely waterproof) paired with two layers of TNT 100% polypropylene. The stratification has allowed us to successfully pass all the tests needed to make a 100% Made in Italy product. The choice of these items was driven by the need to find materials for daily use, produced entirely by the Italian supply chain to be independent of those abroad in a period when the response had to be immediate. Today, we can also provide these medical devices to hospitals.

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