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Combining technology and made in Italy: from 3D Design to 100% Italian and sustainable masks

Pattern is an Italian company founded in 2000 by Francesco Martorella and Fulvio Botto, leader in the design, engineering, development, prototyping, and production of clothing lines for the most prestigious luxury brands, announced in April 2020 the launch of the production of a new innovative mask for civil use called E MASK, studied in a very short time thanks to 3D design in its development centers in Turin and Spello. The E MASK project was born from the union of the skills and competences of the Italian textile industry, exploiting the characteristics of the most advanced Italian fabrics to develop a reusable product of the highest quality and made in Italy. A project that would not be possible without the use of the most advanced 3D software that has made possible virtual prototyping in 3 dimensions in smart working; an advanced technology, already operational for some time in pattern, that allows you to model clothing even before the realization of the first prototype. Pattern started working with 3D in 2018 and, nowadays, represents one of the company’s main strategic investments using the most advanced fashion prototyping software that, passing from 2D simulations to the 3D platform, realizes real virtual models. 3D represents a key and transversal tool, not only for rendering development, but also for showrooms and virtual fashion shows, various marketing and merchandising activities, and digital fashion. A success story and proof that, thanks to technology, expertise, and working in the supply chain, it is possible, even in Italy, to develop products of the highest level and quality at low costs.

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